Sunday, September 16, 2012

City Scenes XXVIII & XXIX: Two Photos, Two New Poems, New York City

Photo: Lower East side, near 23rd,
Lower Manhattan taken by R. Baker.


we forge the streets, the cities - 

we blaze paths in concrete and steel

our lives mere wisps of essence behind 

effort within time, underwritten and on

display:  we are view, we are days, 

we, the looking glass windows 

to nameless futures. 


Photo: New York City, 8th Ave and W52nd, 
taken by R. Baker September 2012.


as it was deliberate it was spontaneous,

movement planned, yet reactive; 

someone bade farewell another greeted 

and all who passed atop sidewalk and 

street departed between skyscrapers 

impersonal and audacious as open air. 

Poems © 2012 R. Burnett Baker
Photos © 2012 R. Burnett Baker

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