Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day One: Mom, My Cousin, & Me in NYC

September 14 - 17, 2012, my mother Betty and cousin Sharon, both from Houston met me in New York City for a fun weekend.  Sharon and I have been to the City many times, but Mom was last there in 1958.  Just a few changes have happened since then!  Here is Part One, just a handful of several hundred photos we took.   

We all began early. My flight from Rochester, NY at 6am, Mom and Sharon had to be up and headed to the airport at about 3:30am.  Here's a shot of the fog covered valleys in the Southern Tier of Western New York:

Once we all met at JFK, it was check in at the Hampton Inn Times Square, and hit the streets!  Mom just loves David Letterman.  It's just one of the few points we disagree on:  I'm a Leno fan! 

We were all a bit tired from the early travel.  Stopping in Mid-Town to rest.

And, rest again.  But this time Mom found some heroes to keep her going! 

It was a mid afternoon lunch at Angelo's Pizza, next door to the Letterman show on Broadway. His show is in the old Ed Sullivan theatre.  

Honestly, this was the BEST thin crust pizza any of us had ever tasted! 

On the steps of the Plaza Hotel across from Central Park.

Another break......

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a tall building.

Times Square early evening.

The lights and cameras......

Mom on the Time's Square Red Carpet! 

Then off to see Jersey Boys on Broadway.

I saw Jersey Boys in Toronto, Rochester, and now on Broadway. This was Sharon's and Mom's first time seeing the show.  I'll go see it any time I can!  

Late night meal here:

And looking out of the hotel window on 8th Ave. Our Cosmic Diner can be seen upper left on the corner of 8th and W52nd.  More to come........!


  1. Rick, Looks like you all had a great time in New York. Thanks for sharing the photos!!!!!

    Gayle & Ron

  2. Great pics! It looks like a good time is in the making! Looking forward to more photos!

  3. nice phots Rick and your mom looks great
    She looks like she is quite the gal
    up for anything...I love JerseyBoys too
    Can't wait for more pics..and tales