Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Prayer And Redemption? Asceticism Or Madness?

What is the human condition if not uncertain?  I may believe that I'm normal and sane.  My view of the ascetic's behavior will serve to validate my belief.  

The deeper questions require me to qualify that reasoning.  In quiet moments alone, am I the one most in need of prayer and redemption? 

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Prayer serves to plead, beg redemption, or 
give thanks.  Sometimes it's a soliloquy over
real or imagined states of being. 

To witness is a public display of personal belief.
Motives often remain painfully personal. 

The face of resolve reflects determination, 
reluctance, gratitude, anger, relief or any 
number of emotions.  The face of madness,
however, reveals nothing. 

Photos/Text ©Rick Burnett Baker 
All Rights Reserved 

This photo essay is an excerpt from my developing series "Dream: Please Excuse Our Appearance"™.   This photo essay/exhibit is tentatively slated to show in late summer of 2018.