Friday, May 28, 2010

fleeting desires

your eyes smile at me with silent lips.
I envy your soft features that would
compliment my lust for your touch.
you do not know me.
nor do I know you.
but what would that matter if, for a
while, our minds and bodies could be
cooled by the warm embrace of our
fleeting desires?

Poem © 1977, 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo: Woodblock by Ina Jean Garner, circa 2002.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

seek shelter

a raging river
flooding my face
yet not one raindrop
falling from your eyes.

as in all storms
one home swept away,
one home left standing.

listen for the
sound of raindrops
on the river

as you seek shelter
in the home
left standing.

Poem © 2005 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo © 2008 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo taken by R. Baker, 2008. "The Beaches" area, Toronto, Ontario, Lake Ontario.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt Fifteen

perfect fit

we, too,
a perfect fit

like steel fish
swimming on

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo prompt courtesy of Willow from "Magpie Tales" blog.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration from Suz

There are so many talented artists, poets, and writers in the blog world. We discover a blog we really like and there are links to another, and another, that we also like. The reading could go on almost forever.

One blog I have linked here on Efficient Agony is "Begin Again". It is written by "Suz". I wish I knew her complete name. Her profile picture shows a woman with a smile that makes me say, "This is a person of kindness, and grace. This is someone, just from her photo, I'd like to know.

And from going back to the beginning of her writings on "Begin Again" I'm convinced that Suz is a kind and gentle soul. She illustrates and provides, through her writing, how we should approach our lives from day to day, learning anew about other people, our surroundings, and ourselves.

This past week Suz wrote about a series of difficult times she and her family were experiencing in losing friends and loved ones. Outside her home one day, she saw a puddle of rainwater in the grass in the shape of a heart, and it gave her respite and solace from the sadness she was experiencing. She photographed it and posted it on her blog. I wanted to leave a comment on her blog, and suddenly wrote a short poem to her about her photo and her sentiments.

She was kind enough to allow me to post her photo and my comment here. Visit her site that is linked here. I'm certain you'll find something uplifting in her stories and poetry. I do. And I'm grateful for having discovered her writings.

Rick Baker
May 16, 2010
Rochester, NY

heart of earth

in the
heart of earth
rain left love

and clouds
were only

(For Suz, author of "Begin Again")

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo © 2010 by Blog "Begin Again"
Photo courtesy of Suz.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt Fourteen

bone china dream

could I be
and you
Hong Shee?

our story
a bone china

as willows
sway blue
only in

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo prompt courtesy of Willow at "Magpie Tales"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt Thirteen

iris blue

I dare not
blink, iris blue,

colors fade
so quickly.

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Glass eye photo provided by Magpie Tales Blog, courtesy of "Willow" .
Iris photo from Wikipedia.