Friday, May 28, 2010

fleeting desires

your eyes smile at me with silent lips.
I envy your soft features that would
compliment my lust for your touch.
you do not know me.
nor do I know you.
but what would that matter if, for a
while, our minds and bodies could be
cooled by the warm embrace of our
fleeting desires?

Poem © 1977, 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo: Woodblock by Ina Jean Garner, circa 2002.


  1. you steamed up my computer screen...
    did you draw that too? nice.
    great poem...

  2. This is one lovely bit of writing, Rick. I have a thing for woodcuts and this one is ooo-la-la!

  3. Very nice poem, Rick. The woodcut is a perfect match.

  4. Lovely writing indeed!
    and the artwork !!
    you seem to steam things up .. sizzling poem

  5. Caliente! Caliente! Sensually stirring piece of writing there Rick ... loving this a lot!!!