Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration from Suz

There are so many talented artists, poets, and writers in the blog world. We discover a blog we really like and there are links to another, and another, that we also like. The reading could go on almost forever.

One blog I have linked here on Efficient Agony is "Begin Again". It is written by "Suz". I wish I knew her complete name. Her profile picture shows a woman with a smile that makes me say, "This is a person of kindness, and grace. This is someone, just from her photo, I'd like to know.

And from going back to the beginning of her writings on "Begin Again" I'm convinced that Suz is a kind and gentle soul. She illustrates and provides, through her writing, how we should approach our lives from day to day, learning anew about other people, our surroundings, and ourselves.

This past week Suz wrote about a series of difficult times she and her family were experiencing in losing friends and loved ones. Outside her home one day, she saw a puddle of rainwater in the grass in the shape of a heart, and it gave her respite and solace from the sadness she was experiencing. She photographed it and posted it on her blog. I wanted to leave a comment on her blog, and suddenly wrote a short poem to her about her photo and her sentiments.

She was kind enough to allow me to post her photo and my comment here. Visit her site that is linked here. I'm certain you'll find something uplifting in her stories and poetry. I do. And I'm grateful for having discovered her writings.

Rick Baker
May 16, 2010
Rochester, NY

heart of earth

in the
heart of earth
rain left love

and clouds
were only

(For Suz, author of "Begin Again")

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo © 2010 by Blog "Begin Again"
Photo courtesy of Suz.


  1. it realy is a beautiful poem...we all need those reminds even in the form of puddles...

  2. Thanks, Brian. I'm truly inspired by you, Suz, and so many others here in this blogsphere. Being able to connect to others on this internet forum, I believe, only enriches our lives.

  3. The Blogosphere truly is the most wonderful place to meet a whole host of people, to explore new cultures, to learn and grow and reflect...Your comment is really brilliant, a great poem, simple, yet immensely effective.

  4. One blog leads to another and another...
    how I have loved this magical way of connecting to kindred you.
    I have abandoned poetry and you have stirred it again for me...nothing hits the mark like a good poem
    I never knew this world of writers existed except by gives me a thrill to read so much good writing and some writing that with some practice of craft would be excellent...and the photographers out there capturing more than a prize winning they capture what stirs writers and poets...I love this world I have stumbled in to...Thank you are part of it
    I love this poem that you have written
    I like the deepness of it
    that lingers

  5. Yes, Sam, there are truly some wonderful people in this realm. My poem came to me very quickly in response to Suz's trials and tribulations as well as her photo. Thank you for your support!

    Suz - There are really some wonderful photographers. I'm so engaged by much of what I see on these blogs, and inspired to update my equipment and get back to photography when I finally settle down in the new house.

    The poem was for you...We all understand the heartbreak that comes with our lives. And finding the right words for others is sometimes awkward. But I and so many others wish you the very best!

    Don't stop writing your poetry!


  6. So tender, sweet and natural. Bless you.

  7. "...rain left love..." Its beautiful when heartfelt connections are made in the world of blogging.

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