Saturday, February 25, 2012

Magpie Tales 105: Calling Home

Finally.  This past week's Magpie prompt came to me.  I've been traveling for work all month, living out of a suitcase, getting up at 3:30am every morning, working till 3 or 4pm every day, and totally unable to even think about writing or doing anything remotely creative.  Finally.  I'm back home in my own bed, tired, but surrounded by my books, art, music, and dirty laundry.

And here's my rendering for Mag 105.  Too late for anyone to read, but here goes!  Cheers everyone!

 Photo shared by Tess Kincaid


even as we do 
we leave much 
undone, cutting 
swaths of life-forests; 

blazing paths 
following leads 
connecting dots 
of drudgery and 
every beautiful 

a number of days 
to accomplish 
your life, 

then reason, 
if you will, for the 
ample calling of 
that last breath. 

Poem © 2012 R. Burnett Baker 
Note:  The theme for this poem was actually inspired by Steven, of The Golden Fish fame!  Wonderful blog!


  1. "Pick-pocketing every beautiful moment"....what an amazing line Rick!! This is a beautiful lesson of living life crafted into a brilliant poem. :-)

  2. That's the line that jumped out at me too! Nice one, Rick!

  3. oh I loved that line too!
    seems traveling to exhaution inspired a wonderful poem...
    and Even as we do we leave much undone...loved that line too...
    Welcome home dear friend
    rest this weekend in familiar surroundings

  4. Love the connecting the dots...the pick pocketing...

  5. connecting dots of drudgery and anticipation...nice line to capture life...

  6. ... and you thought there would be no one to read your poem ~~ guess again!!! Glad you are happy and home.

  7. I just resigned from work and for 3 years of working, I am unsure whether or not I have accomplished something.

    Thanks for this share. You had me at

    a number of days
    to accomplish
    your life"

    This piece wrapped up my weekend.

  8. Good flow and word choices in this - has some striking lines in it!