Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lives In Snapshots

I finally hooked up my "new" (one year old) Kodak scanner, copier, printer, fax, photo printer.  Now I'm scanning old photos as fast as I can.  For starters, here are a few of my mother and me through the years. All but the last two pictures were taken by my artist aunt Jeanie Garner.   My Dad, Gene Baker, took the one of Mom and me in our back yard, and the last photo was taken by Cheryl of Lizzy Frizzfrock fame at her house last October.  So much fun putting these memories together, and I'm excited to do more in the coming months!

My future's so bright I had to wear shades! 
Uh, put me down, Mom, I have a reputation 
to maintain...

You smiling 'cause I'm just too cute? 
Damn skippy! 

I learned by watching her play.  The piano teacher 
gave me a piece to learn: "March Of The Wee Folk." 
But I watched Mom's fingers, remembered the song 
and positions, and learned to play "Für Elise" by 
sight.  Teacher was not amused.  Said I wouldn't 
learn theory like that.  She was right.  "Für Elise
didn't need theory.  I was the star of the recital.  But 
I do wish I knew piano theory.  

Anyone can tell by looking at these three preceding 
photos that I had a horrible childhood.  There was 
laughter.  Fun.  Games. Family. More laughter.  I should
write a book about how deprived of drugs, booze, and  
domestic violence my upbringing was.  You can see how 
I was hurting inside.  Hurting from laughing!  I can still 
make my mother laugh, and when we laugh it brings 
tears to our eyes, and a couple more crows feet on our 
temples.  Thank goodness for my "horrible" childhood! 

Even back in the lean years we traveled together. 
TWA flight 533 from Amarillo, Texas to 
Honolulu, Hawaii via LA.  The flight from Amarillo 
was on a Lockheed Super Constellation, the one with 
three tails.  From LA to Hawaii we were on one of the 
first Boeing 707's.  It was September, 1961.  Hawaii 
had just recently become the 50th state.  I was out of school 
for two weeks.  Teacher was not amused! Gave Mom an 
attitude when she brought me to school after the trip. 
I guess she was a bit envious that we had gone to such
an exotic location.  I mean, from Amarillo to WHERE? 
Really, now......

During my high school years, my mother 
always stayed close, even when I went 
through those stupid pre-adult mood swings. 

 The years dont' stop to reflect.  But thankfully, 
we can.  My mother is a amazing woman. I pray 
there will be many more years of these photos, 
weathered as we may become, but of us laughing 

Rick Baker 
February 26, 2011
Rochester, NY 


  1. I found your post thoroughly enchanting ... I happen to be doing the same scanning now too. I am also scanning slides which is a little more tedious! Relatives across the country never know what's going to pop up in their emails on any given day!

    Scan on!

  2. I love old pictures, I've used my scanner quite a few times myself. Your mom looks like a very sweet woman

  3. Oh Rick, such great photos and memories. Yes, you look as though you had a "horrible" childhood. Your mother is still just as pretty... the last two photos of her are very similar... especially the hairstyle. I'm so glad to have met the two of you in person!

  4. Like the contrast with the final picture in the set, glad you and your mother are still hugging each other!

  5. A beautiful life story, told beautifully...

  6. oh your mom is gorgeous...and that smile
    Lucky you to have such a childhood..I know, I did too...
    keep scanning and sharing

  7. Awww would you look at that! haha

  8. O, this made me smile and inspires me to write something about my old/childhood photos.

  9. You both are so special to me. Your mom always looks beautiful and is a bright spot in my life. The pics are great, and I love how you've put them together. Silly me ... forgot to take a picture when we were at the farm Thursday. Love ...