Saturday, September 10, 2011


Nope.  New York.  Being a transplanted New Yorker from Texas, scenes sometimes look very much like home.  Here are a few photos for my Texas friends and family who may not know this side of New York.   (click photos to embiggen!)
Rough and tumble:

The smell of the cattle yard:  Ahhh! 

Pretty, but painting these babies is a pain:

Nothing runs like a Deere:

Yep. The alfalfa made my eyes itch: 

Line 'em up: 

Park it, let it rust: 

Big sky in New York: 

Hay!  Let's eat:

Oh hell no! We feed our horses in Texas: 

Yep.  Unless there's a drought. Then NO water:

Photos taken by R. Baker 9-10-11,  Route 18, New York. 

Yee Haw. 

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  1. Oh I LOVE this!!! Yee Haw is right. It would be so wonderful to see Texas look like this again. All that beautiful green alfalfa is glorious! Thanks for finding me on FB. It's a good way to keep up. I hope your mom is okay in east TX and has not been bothered with the fires.