Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Keep On Truckin'

Photo ©2011 Cheryl Cato (Used with permission) 

as I thrive 

my heritage, 
incarcerated by 
past glory, binds 
me to the soil. 

from battles 
lost and won, 

scars remain 
not so hidden within
the ever-living 
growth of time. 

there is dignity yet, 
even in pockmarked 
ruts of long abandoned 

Poem ©2011 R. Burnett Baker 


  1. Love it! Truly beautiful work!

  2. rick i read this and saw the truck and my free associating mind dragged me down to "dig me" by king crimson. you wanna hear this? no you don't but i did . . .

    here are some lyrics: "it's here I sit and rust amid this ruin and rancor like tyre irons toothy grills and car parts before me...the acid rain floods my floorboard, burns my pores, and rots my upholstery.. once I was
    worshipped, polished magnificently, now I lay in decay by the dirty
    angry bay..."

  3. Very cool Rick. The old truck does look like it's been in many a battle & is now half buried in the soil.

    I love the lyrics Steven added from "dig me". Where does he find this? I'm amazed by both of you guys!