Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook, Cookbook, Bookbook: Screwit Book

In The Beginning I Was... 

Yes, I was doing it wrong.  I resisted Facebook for a long time. About four years ago a friend got me on it and my "account", or whatever they're called, just sat there with nothing on it.  Of course, most people might argue that now that I'm actually posting there's STILL nothing on it.  Got it?  

Despite my underlying thoughts that FB is inherently evil, and an ultimate tool for totalitarianism, (Review Orwell's "1984") I've been posting my blog entries on my FB for anyone bored enough to check them out.  Truth is, I don't really do anything so interesting as to warrant the need to post my every move.  I mean, really who cares? And why?

So anyway, today my FB page is all different.  I read the news story about the changes.  I watched the video of Mark "Supperbird" giving a presentation about the upcoming live timeline or some such nonsense.  (This guy REALLY comes across as a social misfit dork) You know, he was up on a stage with a power point thingy going on, and he probably imagined himself as a techie guru on the same level as Steve Jobs.  Well, he showed us how we will now be posting our life histories on our page.  LIFE HISTORIES.  

Well, hell:  We all have lots of time for that, now don't we.  

Gawd the world is just filled with stupidity.  And meaningless crap. And more meaningless crap to take up the time we don't already have to do other things that we could do if we weren't too busy trying to keep up with technology designed to keep us in our meaningless mindsets.  

Did any of that make sense?  I didn't think so, but that's the point.  My most recent FB post:

Ok. So FB is changing this or that or something. I'm not too intelligent about these things, and have resisted FB for the most part. But a "timeline" to tell the entirety of my life? Puleeze. This just proves that we ARE a neurotic society. Totally. Ok...the whole world's neurotic if we need this much pointless info about each other. Get a life? Nope. There aren't any left!!
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Hey, I  Like that. Comment.

Anyway, I hardly know what to do with the "old" FB page.  And frankly, I don't have freakin' time to learn all this other nonsense. And that's what it is:  Nonsense.  This all reminds me of a saying by Ashleigh Brilliant:  "I could do great things if I weren't so busy doing little things."  

And so it is with FB, I'm afraid. Trivial nonsense to keep the citizenry occupied while the big business honchos and politicians think up more trivial nonsense to keep us enslaved by the very toys and "social media" that we think makes us so free.  

I don't want to learn more technical apps.  I don't need to have my life story set up as a profile page on some Big Brother website.  I like to keep up with the times, but come on, people.  Get real.  Get serious. 

Get a life!!  

Oh. Wait. We can't get lives.  There aren't any left to get. They're being retweeted, refaced, and replaced with the latest shiny toy invented by some dumblucky college geek who now has more money than he knows what do with.  He may be smart, but he isn't very perceptive.  He may have created just what the Orwellian masters' wannabe's are licking their chops over:  A gadget that looks like a toy, but is a potential tool for total governmental control. 

Ah, Freedom.  Ain't it grand? 


  1. I agree with your ASSessment of the changes. Why couldn't they leave well enough alone.

  2. thumbs up on this one Rick

    love the rant

  3. rick - my profession is advised by those who watch over our wellbeing to not have facebook accounts. so i don't. i sometimes think it would be interesting but then i tried twitter also and found that there was nothing that added value to my life or to that part of the world that i impinge on. my children and my students don't know how i manage without one or the other. i do! steven

  4. Lord, I'm clueless about these "changes". Heck, I didn't even know about them until you wrote about it. Oh well, I'm just a simple girl from central Texas and my life doesn't need complications.

    I sort of like keeping up with my far away friends through FB much more than knowing who went to the store, to Starbucks, or got a pedicure. Mundane...

    This is a nice way to keep up with blogs.