Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Fires: Prayers For Our Fellow Bloggers

Some of you may have been following the news of the fires raging just southeast of Austin, Texas and in other Texas locations.  I was in touch last night with one of our regular bloggers from that area.  She said that their house was in the path of the "perfect storm" and that they didn't expect to have a home by this morning.  I was heartsick over this, and am concerned about my family in Austin, and my mother in East Texas near Livingston, as well.

I'm not posting her name or blog at this point, since she was planning to update when she could.  I don't want to intrude on their potential tragedy and privacy, but I would ask that anyone reading this remember these folks in your thoughts and prayers.

A couple of weeks ago my mother said that many in Texas were wishing for a hurricane.  That's just how devastating this drought is throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas.  Nature is harsh sometimes.

Terrible to have to wish for one disaster to end another.



  1. Rest assured they are on my prayers...

  2. praying as well...have several blog friends in TX...

  3. oh I have been following this on the news
    praying for relief for this poor State with its drought
    I saw an old man who said he had only time to grab his guns and important papers..all else could be replaced......says it all about Texans