Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plugging A Blog: (Can you DO that?)

Just a quick plug for another blog.  My other blog.  

I started Baker'sTake in April 2008.  It was to be poetry and opinion pieces.  The poetry just didn't seem to fit with my opinions, so I set up Efficient Agony in 2009.  After that, I didn't do much writing on Baker'sTake.  

Lately I've been trying to make time to write there a bit more often. If you venture over there's no telling what you'll think about the rants, raves and screeds I post.  One might think I'm a rabid conservative, or liberal socialist, or just plain nuts.  I'm none of the first two, but some of the third!  

Anyway, I have had Baker'sTake in my blog list for some time now. Have a visit if you like.  Maybe you'll agree, disagree, be fired-up, angered, or none of the above. Sometimes I'll be serious, sometimes not. But it further serves to help keep me off the streets! 

Thanks to all who have been a support and inspiration!  I truly appreciate your support, comments, and blogging friendships!  

December 30, 2010


  1. ha're just a hoot
    and I love every word

  2. I'm off to take a gander...

    (btw, I've been meaning to mention how intrigued I am with your new avatar photo. I'm guessing that might by your father's hand on your shoulder?)

  3. Rick,

    I went, I read, I liked.

    (Both you and I are better off from the experience!)


  4. Hi Rick, I'm heading there now! Happy new year & thanks for stopping by my place. Speaking of birds (your crows); about 30 minutes ago (5:15 PM) about 50 black vultures were circling over our house. No, nothing died; they just roost in the woods here in winter. We got a cold front (oh yes, I know you are laughing at "cold front" in Texas) in today so the wind is out of the north & they LOVE to circle & swoop and ride the thermals overhead. It is quite lovely even if they are buzzards!

  5. sweet.
    best wishes for 2011.

    love your poetry talent.

  6. Greetings! How are you?

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    Hope to see you in, Happy Monday, best wishes for the year of 2011.
    Bless you…


  7. At first I thought Baker'sTake was going to be about you baking!

    I'm a dork, I know.