Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 43

two steps 

virgin snow 
dares footprints.

I want to peer 
inside your 
windowed door,

to leave my mark
two steps at a time.

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo courtesy of Willow @ "Magpie Tales" 


  1. Beautifully sensual. I love the notion of virgin snow, daring footsteps. This just might be my favorite of yours, Rick.

  2. I like the "To leave my mark two steps at a time". Left me with a sense of serious intent... Thank you Rick.

  3. Beautiful poem. It leaves me with a sense of absence: leaving one's mark is done for others to remember us after we're gone.

  4. A good idea, very concisely expressed.

  5. Beautifully 'spare' yet saying so much.

  6. To leave a mark, yes! Haunting piece.

  7. ...and in my hope the prints don't fade away in the thaw.

    Brilliant prose.

  8. two steps at a that...just dont trip in your haste...smiles.

  9. Virgin snow just begs to be walked in. Nice Magpie.

  10. nice rick. rich inside the economy of the writing. steven

  11. I read a ton of sensuality into
    this poem, sir. If we hadn't seen
    Tess' photo prompt, we could
    see the double meaning of
    each line--Virgin snow of course
    begs to be violated, or marked,
    and the /windowed door/ could
    be the door we all find ourselves
    knocking on, peering into, begging
    entrance; and your /two steps at
    a time/ just testament to your
    passion, your verve. Or not;
    really enjoyed the sparse jaunt
    of your few words.

  12. You make a strong case for opening that door ...

  13. Goodness! I so appreciate each and every comment. When I first saw the photo this morning it had begun to snow here in Rochester. I actually did try to see beyond the glass of that door and I imagined how it looked cold and dark inside. That reminded me of the longing for connection and intimacy.

    Again, thank you all!


  14. WOW. This was so simple, but so wonderful. I just really, really loved this.

  15. Even two steps will spoil the virgin snow and then there is no going back.

  16. It always pays to take 2 steps at a time!!

  17. I have never seen snow & I would love to leave my mark in that fresh blanket of snow!! Very nice!

  18. Dear Rick: Simply brilliant! I love the Texas two-step, especially on my heart...feel free to dig in the cowboy boots!

  19. This poem is lovely. I'm just curious. I've seen this picture in about five different blog. is this like a series or something?

  20. Rick this is much said in few words...i love it!! :-)