Thursday, August 2, 2012


Some Things Are Just Too Obvious

Ok.  This is supposed to be a poetry slash art blog.  I try to refrain from ranting here, rather than on my other blog, BakersTake, but sometimes I can't help myself.  

Sometimes, some things, like stupidity, are just too obvious.  This morning I read an article about how the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has said that milk in school lunches is bad and is demanding that the USDA remove said bad milk from the National School Lunch Program. 

I won't go into details here, but you can read the blog post I read about this on oh so omnipresent Yahoo this morning.  As pointed out on the post, PCRM is a non-profit that promotes a vegan diet, and has ties to Peta (OH DO NOT GET ME STARTED ABOUT THOSE TERRORISTS), and is not without controversy itself. 

Ok.  Kiddies, DRINK YOUR DAMN MILK.  Then hit the gym with your fat little fast food-asses and do an hour of exercise like we used to have to do in school.  It was called PE.  Sheeesh! 

Now, as for poetry, and keeping on point with this being a poetry blog, here's a milk poem by Christina Rossetti, (1830 - 1894):

Brownie, Brownie, let down your milk,
White as swansdown and smooth as silk,
Fresh as dew and pure as snow:
For I know where the cowslips blow,
And you shall have a cowslip wreath
No sweeter scented than your breath.
From “Selected poems of Christina G. Rossetti” (1913) By Christina Georgina Rossetti

RB. August, 2, 2012 


  1. ha ha
    I love your rants
    and I agree...let them drink milk

  2. I love, love, love to drink milk!!! I have my rants too; although, most of the time I keep them internalized, but occasionally the G-man gets to hear them.

    How many people do you think know what "swansdown" is?

    1. Cheryl, I'll bet not many people know what a swan is!

  3. I think I would pay you to join our local PTA and be on the school board. I might even go to those meetings every once in a while if a voice like yours was present! :)

  4. Free school milk was introduced here in Oz early in during WW2 and has been credited with having improved the teeth and bones of a generation.
    Re, swans and swansdown. I wonder if anyone still plucks swans for their down. Just occurred to me that what we now call a 'comforter' or 'doona', when I was a child was called and 'eiderdown', the real thing stuffed with down from hundreds of eider ducks!
    (no longer available in a vegetarian or vegan world).