Friday, August 24, 2012

City Scenes XXV: Howdy Partner. Or not.

Photo ©2012  R. Burnett Baker
Church Street and Carlton, Toronto, Ontario July 2012.


it wasn't always the case

diverting eyes along sidewalks 

glancing as if to indicate 

a point of interest only you

might discern (how astute) 

or regulating an expression

other than vulgarity (self-rewarding)

no it was once a hi hello

and howdy nodding of heads

as standard reference for 

threat aversion and civility . 

Poem ©2012 R. Burnett Baker 


  1. Once I heard a talk about street life & how we should make eye contact, nod, say hello rather than ignore the existence of people of the street. We may not give them a handout, but at least we acknowledge they are human & hopefully show our own humanity. I try to do that, I really do... yes, "standard...for threat aversion & civility".

  2. oh but its a differnt life these how the F looks like facebook...and that is a who other layer of insulation...