Friday, June 10, 2011

Night One: Rochester International Jazz Festival

And yes, she sang this song tonight.  With her Dad. 
I had hoped that she would sing this number in 
concert tonight at the Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY. 
And she did.  The screen dropped down quietly, and 
there was Nat King Cole, backing up his daughter 
Natalie Cole.  This duet absolutely brought big 
tears to my eyes.   

Nat King Cole has been one of my all-time favorites 
since I was a kid.  Natalie Cole was the Eastman's 
first concert for the 10th Rochester International Jazz Festival

Miss Cole walked elegantly onto the stage, and began 
singing nonstop.  I have to say that Miss Cole is smooth 
like velvet.  No.  Smoother.  I could have sat for two more 
hours and listened to her sing.  Classy, classy lady, and 
a performance of perfection. 

So tonight, with my mother, cousin, her husband and 
daughter all here from Texas, 
 I watched and listened to a wonderful concert, 
and saw Nat and Natalie sing "Unforgettable" together. 

And. Yes. It. Was! 

Rick Baker
Rochester, NY 
June 10, 2011 


  1. same song that introduced her to me... she is one of my favorites... i envy you and ur family hearing her sing it live... wish i was there...

  2. i remember my high school friends back in the late 80"s... they dont understand why i have to be listening to Nat King Cole and the others... back then it's Madonna, Tears For Fears and so on and so forth... I am the cast out kid when it comes to music... but now that we are matured enough, with all the hazards and and stress of life, they understand why a soothing, calming and smooth music over a bottle of wine and beer is so relaxing...

    Natalie Cole is one of my favorites... i remember singing with that duet... hahaha! confused if who will i copy, natalie or nat....

    good Rick!... more more more...