Monday, June 6, 2011

New Post On Baker'sTake™

I've added a short post on my other blog, Baker'sTake™.  Stop over and have a read of my latest rant.  I hope to be back in the poetry groove soon, but busy preparing for my mother's and other family members' visit from Texas later this week.  We will be spending a week at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, starting with a Natalie Cole concert this coming Friday.  Can't wait!  I'm sure I'll be sharing more about that later.

Wishing all my bloggy friends a wonderful week and I'll be checking in soon!  Best to everyone!



  1. for sure it is more fun having your mom and ur relatives on that festival... wish i could join, LOL!..

  2. Oh have fun.....can't wait to read what ticked you should be delish
    give your mom a hug from all your blogger friends

  3. Have fun. Don't stay away too long, my friend. x