Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Livin' Is Easy

Summertime.  The livin' is easy.  

Well, I suppose not so easy if you're living in Texas this summer.  But finally we've had some summer weather here in New York.  You know, 80℉ and a bit of humidity.  I've actually turned a little fan on in my bedroom!  

And one little luxury in summer is slipping into a bed with clean cotton sheets then sliding your legs and feet around, searching for those cool cotton patches under the covers.  Much easier than chopping cotton at harvest time in heat and dust.  

A fan in summer and cool cotton sheets:  Now THAT's livin' easy! 

Rick Baker 
Rochester, NY 
July 29,2009 

cool skin 

sultry summer 
standing before a fan: 

cool skin, 
soothing wind. 

Poem © 2008 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo © 2009 by R. Burnett Baker 

cotton patch

on bedsheets 
in summer heat 

legs seek 
a cool 
cotton patch. 

Poem © 2006 by R. Burnett Baker

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