Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa: After Christmas Sighting In Kendall, NY


Santa has not gone back to the North Pole just yet.   I've suspected it for many years, but he lands, and rests for a couple of days after Christmas.

During my afternoon drive in the country today, I caught a glimpse of him.  He's hiding out in a shed near Kendall, NY before heading north across Lake Ontario and onwards to the North Pole.

No wonder it was so windy today!  That will give him and the reindeer a nice tail-wind for flying back home.

When he saw me with my zoom lens, he darted back inside very quickly.  One of the reindeer charged my car to shoo me away.  Close call!

                                Click on image to enlarge:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

© 2014 Rick Burnett Baker 


  1. It was a very nice Christmas... I hope your day was good too! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    1. Should have been LOL.... but emoji did not work.