Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soul: Alex The Plant

During my recent visit to Singapore I came across this scene hidden in plain sight:  Alex The Plant.

Alex lives (or lived) on Haji Lane in Singapore.  I found this amusing, but sad all the while.  Surely there must be more to the story of Alex The Plant.

And so, my tribute to Alex...

Alex The Plant

emotion spent is 
the soul of what 
we consider to be

we label.  we name.
nurture. cling when 
clinging cannot hold. 

but that is what 
names our souls - 
gives hope to all  
living and passing.

Poem © 2013 Rick Burnett Baker 
Photos © 2013 Rick Burnett Baker 


  1. This is really fascinating. One wonders why someone would plant something there or why it would be named Alex! But perhaps it does give hope to those passing...if life can live THERE, perhaps it can live most anywhere!

  2. I find that noticing the little things, like Alex The Plant, makes life feel a bit more special.

  3. Aw. You are so right. I have named my cat and my car and even my house. I will name my plants and work on attachment, temporary as it may be.

  4. Lovely! You created something so wonderful out of almost nothing to the world around it. yup! we label, we name, nurture....

  5. This is a fascinating story and you made it into a very meaningful poem! through our act of naming, we also endorse responsibility.

  6. We keep on clinging... even if we can't. Thoughtful writing.

  7. Things are pretty simple for Allex for sure

  8. Now THAT is an example of endurance - no soft soil, no water, no nurturing - yet surviving. Oy! I love we "cling when clinging cannot hold".

  9. We are driven by emotion, that's for sure.

  10. alex...I see you and water accordingly...achingly surreal...withered and waiting...ticktoc

  11. Poor Alex....I have spent my share of time living like that....not anymore i do more than just reach for the stars

  12. someone who was once loved, given a name, stands alone and uncared for ...difficult days wonderfully depicted......

  13. Alex is a strong name s/he will grow tall and strong..

  14. ahh to know the story of Alex and what he saw in his lifetime. Great post!!!