Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life In Snapshots 3: The Poetry Of Cousins

The Cousin Bond

Cousins often are the first meaningful bonds of friendship we encounter in our lives.  I have six cousins, all of whom are still living.  We were all close as children.  As we grew older, that closeness became more memory as we lived our lives and went in different directions.   I've been trying, (not too well, I must admit) to reconnect with those cousins, and strengthen those bonds.  We're somewhat scattered across the country, or within the state of Texas, so it isn't easy to keep in close touch with relatives. 

My cousin Sharon and I had an especially close bond from our earliest childhoods, and that has remained strong to this day.  She's also my dentist!  (There may be a dental story come from that later.)  Here are a few old photos of us through the years.  As for the second photo, Don Johnson had nothing over me, Miami Vice notwithstanding! 

Sharon Garner, Rick Baker, 1961 
Photo By Jean Garner

Rick Baker, Sharon Garner, 1988
Photo by Betty Baker

Sharon Garner, daughter Gigi, Rick Baker, Betty Baker 2011
Photo by Ed Browne


we didn't know of connections 
in those days.  we never questioned,
reasoned, or analyzed moments:  
innocence played its role. 

we were connected in ways we did not
and do not think about, let alone understand. 
but that is of no consequence.  understanding 
is not required.  we are family and more than 
just blood in passing. 

we are the infinite quality of 
brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle, cousin. 
we are not compromised by 
time, circumstance, status, or age: 

we are children laughing, 
then, and forever. 

Poem © 2012 R. Burnett Baker


  1. Yes:) Enjoyed so much!The last line in each stanza profound!

  2. so sweet rick! i have no cousins . . . no uncles . . . one aunt . . . i envy and then also feel happiness for you . . . steven

  3. Oh this was a delightful confession
    and a fabulous poem....