Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Fear Of God(s)

Ballpoint pen/color pencil doodle 
by R. Baker, 1999

lords of the universe 

omnipresence must be 

spewing stars
across darkness, 
horizons of city lights
along highways:  what 
nebula guides wise men
to an image feared 
across heaven? 

guilt is a face 
in the night sky
that answers, 
or not, 
prayers from 
the sparkling 
mass of minutiae.

Poem © 2012 R. Burnett Baker 


  1. A question that is often asked in sappy top 40 hits is what would you ask God if you ever saw Him? I once wrote that I'd confirm if it's true that He loves everyone just as they are. But anyway, that's a little too emo for me.

    And I despise that you call this a "doodle." it's too pretty to be just a doodle. haha no wonder you've kept it for all these years.

    1. Nyl, I have a gillion of these doodles. Many are framed and once covered a wall in an old apartment ceiling to floor. I started doing them in Saudi Arabia to keep from going mad in the desert! but the looks of some of them, I was already mad!! LOL!

    2. I envy that. When I was in Kinder 2, they exhibited my "doodles" in school. It was mostly apples and X-men caricatures. That was the height of my drawing career. It was all downhill after that. Perhaps I should've kept at it now that I know it prevents people from going mad! :)

    3. Actually, it just redirects the madness! HA! I suppose some madness can be magnificent. Or at least entertaining! (Oh, no....I'm sure I've just offended someone by that statement.)

    4. Haha well, madness is always entertaining. I suppose that explains our fascination with Tim Burton movies and the inherent carcrash that is known as Lindsay Lohan.

  2. very clever writing rick and an illustration that opens the whole piece out very nicely!!! you've got a river of creativity flowing through you . . .steven

    1. Thank you, Steven. I like to think so, but always second guess my efforts. My next post is linked to that second guessing, but a tribute to that heritage.