Sunday, December 11, 2011

Magpie Tales 95: I Can Quit Any Time I Want...

Photo provided by Tess Kincaid

free will

though I can 
always leave 
when I want,  
I'm resigned
to the taste 
and habit 
of you -  

bound to our 
construct love,
yet ready 
to walk
on a moment's 
notice - 

think I'll  
indulge the 
tide of
your needs 
before I 

Poem ©2011 R. Burnett Baker 

Note:  After a few edits,  I realized this now sounds like a no smoking ad.  That wasn't my intent, but I suppose sometimes love and smoking can be equally satisfying.  I don't know, though:  I've never smoked!!  :) 

Here's an older poem from 2007 that I'll offer as an alternative: 

ride the crest 

waves never stop 
rolling onto beach sands 

even when we 
journey miles inland 

even when we
even after death 
calls oceans of souls 

ride the crest 
to shore.      

Poem © 2007 by R. Burnett Baker


  1. I loved it Rick ... Some peoples vices are smokes & the addictive chemicals that fill their lungs & blood. For others it's the one they love & the alchemy of love. The habit of love is in no way an easy habit to kick. I know I'm addicted!!!
    Your second poem is equally as wonderful, I loved it too!

  2. i see it as a beautiful love story with choice...

  3. nice...really like the second...the first one does have a bit of an odd voice to it....but then again love can be addicting...

  4. I really like the first doesn't sound like an ad at's poignantly romantic...lovely write, my friend...

  5. rick - nope. it's clear as a glass bell right from the start. you're talking about any number of relationships that your readers are in or have been in or will be in. cool take. steven

  6. Yes, it did remind me of smoking but then again, you're right. It is a lot like smoking sometimes. It's bad but it feels super nice. haha there's this song you might like. it's called coffee and cigarettes by michelle featherstone (? not sure if memory serves me right) my impulse to soundtrack everything prevails. lol

  7. "Smoking can be equally satisfying" could that be why in the movies the lovers light up after sex???
    Somehow I just can't personify smoking!
    I enjoyed this light poem.

  8. I find the second most interesting. Thank you.

  9. I wouldn't have connected smoking with your Magpie .. now, of course .. I do. I don't smoke but my youngest sister does .. she will never be able to give it up. Enjoyed both of your offerings this week.

  10. A strikingly original take on the prompt -- thanks.

  11. Both are beautiful in their own right Rick!

  12. I like both, but the first one is so full and rich with emotion. If only ads were this good!