Monday, December 5, 2011

Greek Drama, Modern Mythology

Monoprint "3 Figures" by Ina Jean Garner, 1994
11 3/4" x 4", one of a series of four. 
Collection of R. Baker

Brisēís and you 

there was talk 
of two and how 
they met;
how between piercing 
each other's eyes 
they pilfered glances 
at peripheral others.

how exciting and
perfectly adulterous 
the notion that others 
could command 

but lust is how it begins: 
fevered breathing 
and sweat, well, sometimes.
but always with rhythm 
of the notion that 
future possibilities 
lie just beyond the 
mythical, battled 

Poem © 2011 R. Burnett Baker


  1. Very strong poem. I especially liked the first stanza--oooh. K.