Friday, August 26, 2011

Sculpture: Story Without Words

"Omagh" by Clifford Rainey 
Installation at Corning Museum Of Glass, 
Corning, NY 

the unknown mind

the human condition as 
art is not as appealing 
as the expression of the 
artist, the reeling impetus 
of his experience. 

Text ©2011 R. Burnett Baker 


  1. Powerful piece and excellent words to match. That road trip to the Corning Museum is on my bucket list...

  2. You have such a magnificent way with words!

  3. Hello, how are you?

    Glad to land in your lovely land of wonders. Excellent talent!

    Hope all is well.

    Appreciated your support to The Gooseberry Garden, your inputs add light to our place, we would love to see you around weekly…

    Random piece or old ones are welcome too.

    Bless you.
    Happy End of August.
    Hope to see you around!