Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Words: Sunset On Lake Ontario

Finally learning to use my new digital Nikon.  My old Nikon FE 35mm is getting jealous!  Here are a few sunset pics I took this week along the Ontario State Parkway on Lake Ontario, near Kendall, NY.  Cheers everyone!

All photos taken by R. Baker, Lake Ontario, NY 2011.
Photos ©2011 R. Burnett Baker 
All Rights Reserved


  1. some georgeous captures the colors...

  2. very romantic scene... indeed gorgeous pics...


  3. wow did it really look that gorgeous?
    The photos have a meditative quality to them

  4. wow rick. wow! on last year's ride around the lake, the worst night - well the only bad night actually - was spent near oswego. we had no running water, no washrooms and the team was exhausted after riding through the plus forty celsius day. then the sun set and i was blown away. the following morning the sun rose of course and i was blown away again! my pics were nowhere near as stunning as these. wow again rick! steven

  5. These images are fabulous! I'm with your 35mm. I'm jealous, too!

  6. Well, I'd say that you and your new camera have bonded quite successfully! These are gorgeous images and I also love your presentation of them.