Friday, March 11, 2011

relevance beyond

assume no 
relevance beyond
what can be 
swept away: 
all life. 

stand firm 
to heaven; 
life is here,
but there 
at nature's

Poem ©2011 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo of Japanese earthquake damage from Associated Press, March 10, 2011.

Earthquakes occur daily.  Every year we witness
disasters, death and destruction.  We give each
event our rubber band attention span, then move
on with our lives.  I'm grateful to be where I am.
With each event of world magnitude we should
journey the Earth with humility and trepidation.
Ultimately, the NFL lockout, jumping
hoops over rows of cars, LiLo's drug snorting,
and Charlie's twitter, are utterly meaningless.
Giving our attention to our own families, our
communities, and what aid and comfort we
can to the larger world community will anchor
us to the Earth no matter what tomorrow offers.



  1. nice verse and a great bit of wisdom in your words man...have a great weekend...

  2. Wisdom filled words Rick ... it is so terrible seeing what's happened in Japan. So much devastation, heartache & loss. Your words are so true, what matter is family, community & helping others in times of need ... not the hyped up gossip of the media attention giving to ridiculous Hollywood gossip & the like!

  3. great words Rick
    I too, have felt a heaviness about Japan
    so much suffering and misery
    and it's not over
    Here today gone tomorrow
    a real reminder of what is true

  4. Yes, you are wise and effective in your writing. Nature can deal devastating blows from which it is difficult to recover. I look out my window as I write and see the pines swaying in the breeze and realize that I am truly blessed.