Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baker'Take Update, And The New "Junk Shop Quickies" Blog

I have a new post on my other blog, Baker'sTake, if you get bored and decide to check it out.  The title is "No Fly Zone."

Also, just for fun, I've started a new blog called "Junk Shop Quickies" that will be quick cell phone pics from my second hand store visits and hopefully humorous, wry, witty, or just plain wacky comments for each picture. .

I'm not really sure what direction I'll go with the Quickies, or how long I'll be able to sustain it, but it's just for fun.  Beware, though:
some of the texts to the pictures may end up being a bit risque on
occasion.  (Oh, do tell...!)

At any rate, hopefully it will be entertaining.  Once again, thank you for all your comments, and support!  I wish everyone the best!



  1. Excellent! - This is the kinda thing that keeps us humans going...

  2. Fun, I'll be sure to check out your newest blog.
    Hope you have a great back country drive when you go "home" for a visit and I hope the azaleas will still be in bloom when you get there; however I fear they are at their peak now.

  3. I gave you A Lovely Blog award (you can ck it out on my page)'s a flowery girly looking award, sorry about that...but I love your blog and that's why I gave it to you.