Thursday, January 13, 2011

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 48: A Cobwebbed Melody

your lyric

each note faded 
then scaled from
the page of our 
cobwebbed melody.

I tore myself 
from your lyric 
and you fell away

Poem © 2011 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid at Magpie Tales. 


  1. cobwebbed melodies are always the best.

    i love this.

  2. "Cobwebbed" what an excellent word. Entangled, obscured, confused... that can be the way of a relationship. Your poem is sweet & to-the-point.

  3. oh my Rick, this was awesome
    hit the mark
    and yes, "cobwebbed"..excellent choice of word

  4. It is so neat you could see cobwebs in the photo ... I did and wondered if I would be the only one. Nice write!

  5. Beautiful and incredibly sad, as well.

  6. lovely words...
    your words sweet like doughnuts.

  7. i love "fell away singing". oh yes! steven

  8. Sad, lyrical, yet with a ray
    of hope, or song on its
    tail. Terrific poem, Rick.
    I missed the cobweb icon
    on the original prompt,
    keying in on love, on
    matrimony ad infintum;'
    but your broken relationship
    conjured for me some image
    of an odd couple, of misfits,
    of sheared gears and
    misaligned cogs.

  9. Those last four line are absolutely wonderful!

  10. Yes, cobwebbed is the poem's powerful image.

  11. A fragile melody hangs on every cobweb...

  12. Surely the "cobweb" is only one detail of the poem's extended metaphor, which is very effective.

  13. I don't understand all of this brief poem, but it's very well-written. It evokes interesting meanings.

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