Sunday, January 9, 2011

the French lesson

so how is 
Paris? the

French lessons 
must be serving 
you well - or 

serving you. 

and the 
Frenchmen? I 
doubt you have 
to close your eyes
grit your teeth
and try to 
get through it 

as you once 
described the 
thought of me 
you - oh

the romance
and art,
cafes - the 
boulangerie francaise - 

you must be 
beside yourself 
as you always 
are no matter 
who you're 
beside - pity

it's winter 
and frigid;
Eiffel Tower 
steel must stick 
to your tongue 
(rivets of 
frozen language 
in your heart) 

I hear 
they have 
cobblestone streets
or brick - careful 

to stumble: 

stone isn't 
as forgiving 
as I - not 

as hard as 
I wish to 

Poem ©2011 by R. Burnett Baker 
Early 20th century oil painting of Paris street scene by Jean Remy, personal collection of R. Baker.


  1. A delicious icing on my cake of synchronicities.

  2. The line "stone isn't as forgiving as I ~ not as hard as I wish to be" is wonderful as are so many parts of this. A French lesson indeed ~ or a lesson in any language.