Thursday, September 23, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 33

Cologne on me generally turns rancid. I don't know why.

The only cologne I've found that makes me smell clean, fresh, handsome, sexy, and hot is Banana Republic "Classic". Now I learn that BR has DISCONTINUED it! My life may be over.

The green Polo smells nice on me, but it's just soooo 1970's. Not to worry. I've found four "fragrances" in colorful plastic bottles for $7 each at Wal-Mart. Everyone at work loves how I smell every day, and they tell me so. Admitting this is quite a risky thing to do, I know: Plastic bottles. "Fragrances". $7. And, lordy forgive me, Wal-Mart. I don't care much for Wal-Mart. But it is what it is.

And I smell nice.

So forgive this Magpie. I tried. I really did!

Can I Drink It On Ice?

The Willow Ball beckons, tux and bow tie.
Slicked back hair, patent leather am I.
Impressive I'd be, like Niven and Grant,
with Acqua di Parma, "Suave Rico", they'd chant!
So off to Sephora, my nose in the air,
I asked for a bottle and everyone stared.
But at 83Dollars and two ounces in hand,
there's something about an Aqua Velva man!


  1. LOL

    One Christmas my mother gave me a bottle of an after shave called "vetiver" made by carven. It instantly became my all-time favorite. But the store where she bought it stopped carrying it, and I haven't been able to find any for about 30 years. So I'm trying to make the last bottle last by using it only on Christmas and Easter.

    My second favorite is "Woods of Windsor." I bought a bottle in England (Windsor, to be precise) in 198, and I'm also being very sparing of it, because it's not available for purchase in the US.

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  2. Well from a womans perspective I love Homme by Joop & JAZZ by Yves Saint Laurent...Mmmm so nice! Very suave magpie Rick!

  3. Suave, Rico!!! ( the title. Think I'll serve some at the ball!)

  4. I wondered if anyone would link Willow's Ball and fragrance ... you did, beautifully. Save me a dance (Jude won't mind...he will be off somewhere with Ms. Willow.)

  5. This is so wonderful, Rick! Really witty and charming, a truly delightful magpie :)

  6. Naturgesetz: Vetiver may not be after shave any longer but it IS an American folk band. Don't know how they smell, but some of the songs are not bad! LOL!

    Katherine: Love Joop! But, alas, it's one of the ones that goes sour on me. :(

    Willow: On the rocks, please!

    Guatami tripathy: Thanks for visiting!

    Kathew: Just don't call me cheap!! LOL!

    Helen: A dance is reserved!

    Sam: Charming? Thanks, but if one shops at Wal-Mart, "charming" isn't in the vocabulary!

    Fun posts and comments! Thanks all!


  7. Rick you probably don't even need cologne! You could get by on your own witty charm i am sure, that, and deoderant...:-)

  8. My father used to have that green bottle of Polo on his dresser...I used to "borrow it" as my signature scent when I was in high school :)


  9. nice. i rememebr aqua velva on my fathers medicine cabinet...have fun at the ball!

  10. Oh Rick this was too fun
    don't hate walmart it's only a store which provides millions of people choices that weren't there before for them...and hate is never a good thing
    what... no Old Spice?

  11. I can smell that from here... Oh perfumes and colognes... hard to get the perfect one for one...
    This was fun to read- great magpie

  12. Yes, I so remember the Aqua Velva man scent from my father when I was very young. Take us back a few there...
    Nicely written.

  13. I am sure you smell divine albeit those fragrances are from Walmart..
    As a teacher I used to be overcome in my class room by the scent of Old Spice, which at one time was a very popular after shave.. and at that time I was teaching 11 year olds!
    Nice Magpie yet again!