Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Wait. And Wait.

Good grief, this global warming is going to freeze us all to death! 

Into late April and we have yet to feel a day of 70 degrees or higher.  Most years, we would have had a few "tease" days in March and April, but this year spring seems to still be in fear of old man winter.  But according to the forecast for this coming weekend, we will leap directly into summer-like weather.  About time! 

With this year's cold spring I was reminded of a poem I wrote two years ago in spring when becoming impatient with the cold.  Driving to work one morning I came to a stop at a traffic light and noticed a leafless hedge along a yard.  Clinging to the tiny branches of this hedge were many sparrows.  They looked cold, and I imagined them as impatient for warm weather as I had become.  Those sparrows seemed, in my eyes, so desperate for shelter.  

They were waiting for the shelter of warmth, and I was waiting at the light... 

we wait 

sparrows cling to a naked hedgerow 
bare branches sought for shelter. 

for spring we wait. 
and wait. 

Poem (c)2007 by R. Burnett Baker


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