Saturday, March 14, 2015

Windows, Porches and Patios: Waiting For Life

Only a few days remain until Spring arrives.  Officially, that is.  But the deep freeze of winter has broken.  The snow is melting.  The skunks are stirring from their winter slumber.  The deer are plentiful as grass appears from beneath ice, and new food sources begin to appear.   Two evenings ago I could distinctly catch the fragrance of spring and summer rain in the night air.  I even saw a fly, of all things, on my car windshield yesterday!

As seasons transition, the city begins to melt.  People are out walking, wearing fewer layers, and thinking about gardens, flowers, and satin breezes.

This afternoon I put the phone away, turned off the computer, and went into familiar neighborhoods I've photographed countless times.  As I've said previously, every journey down the road offers different perspectives from different directions.

It's the same with seasons in the city.  Here are a few photos from this afternoon in Rochester, NY.

Windows, porches, and patios are waiting:  Waiting for life renewed.

Photos taken in Rochester, NY in and around the East Avenue/Park Avenue area, and along the Seneca Parkway neighborhood.

Photos © 2015 Rick Burnett Baker
All Rights Reserved

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  1. oh those are great...such an eye you have for composition
    I am drawn to all those the flower in the window
    good job Rick