Thursday, October 2, 2014

Old Friends and Crickets

old friends and crickets

old friends and crickets chirp 
of 'these days' and how quickly
dusk is falling. roses die
till they bud again: cycle,

recycle, soak revolving hours
in daylight and season. pack
away nonchalance. my neck
is chilled. I bundle up my collar.

evening measures distance
between memory and now.
do you notice the color of
the rose's fading hue?

Photo/Poem © 2014 Rick Burnett Baker 


  1. Very nice. I enjoyed the title, the sentiment and the photo. Yes, nicely done.

  2. Very nice! What a lovely inviting photo too! A perfect close to the day, to sit and reflect.

  3. Your art has grown immensely since I was last here. The poetry is as always, lovely but the photography is divine!

    1. Thank you so much, Nyl. I'm trying to improve my photographs, slow down....take my time with them. You, however, continue to be an inspiration with your prose writing and your attitude!

    2. My attitude? Haha I love! I've been trying to get good at photography too (although I slay my photos with filters in my posts) I'm limited by my equipment (my sad mobile phone) but I hope to upgrade to better equipment by the end of the year. Lets talk shop. What kind of gear do u use?

    3. I'll message many options. You don't have to spend a fortune.