Thursday, October 31, 2013

Behind Closed Windows


pry apart your prison heart.  there 
is light at the tunnel entrance, not 

so sure about its end.  you must 
search yourself for that beacon.  let 

your guard down.  you'll survive if 
not your confidence, and that too, 

will be the test of the view.  pry apart
wires, curtains, possessions.  break 

the barrier of insular emotion;  I'll take 
your hand and walk you to sunlight. 

Poem © 2013 Rick Burnett Baker
Photo © 2013 Rick Burnett Baker
Photo by R. Baker taken on Haji Lane, Singapore.


  1. Oh I like that arm reaching out! Nice poem as well.

  2. Feels like a plea from God. Trust. Love.