Sunday, September 22, 2013

On This First Day of Autumn


they gather at the 
breakfast club.  there 

are stories. gossip. 
years of recall.  clusters 

assemble in the park 
to protest time.  "seems 

like only yesterday."  but 
yesterday is here.  some 

will take the bench of 
respite to sit.  talk 

is softer under autumn's 
gaze.  days are shorter. 

"sweater weather,"  he 
says with a smile.  

Photo© 2013 Rick Burnett Baker
Poem© 2013 Rick Burnett Baker
Photo taken on Park Avenue, Rochester, NY.


  1. i def enjoy a good walk or sit in the park in autumn...the softer the conversation in autumn...i never thought of it that little piece...

  2. yes, I never thought of conversation as softer.. but can see it now. i love autumn, of course, love this.. sweater weather, so cozy :)

  3. I like the mood of this poem and its picture. I think autumn IS a reflective time, one in which one does speak in softer voices....taking all the time that is necessary before winter creeps in.

  4. I always see those group of people, mostly old men & women gather and talk of the old days ~ I like this line:


    is softer under autumn's


  5. for aged ones days are talk is softer may be...

  6. Yes, sweater weather:) Loved this glimpse of a gathering at "the bench of respite". Cool phrase!

  7. I clapped my hands reading, I knew it was leaves - clever poem

  8. Lovely photo and poem. I like the autumn imagery, the soft talk, the bench of respite. Well done and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. I can feel autumn in my bones now, after reading your poem. I was intrigued by your format - and found it effective. Nice photo too.