Sunday, July 21, 2013

MagpieTales 178: There and Back. Again.

fashion whore
(Response to L) 

prodigal roads - 
ever so
grass-is-greener - 

bundled you into 
an ideal of heaven
and off you went. 

what you found
is what we all do: 

secrets lifted on 
barefoot winds, 
curbside feasts, 

edged and fed
before the 
master's door 
on a party plate
of silver moons.

you are shed 
now of pretense,
but do you see
clearly?  rootless 

isn't synonymous 
with wanderlust. 

how daring to 
burn through your 
stylish facade,
your pretense, 
your dreams, 

and all your 
whores who were 
never rootless. 

wanderlust isn't 
their style.  

Poem © 2013 Rick Burnett Baker
Painting by Andrew Wyeth, shared by Tess Kincaid.


  1. Rootless isn't synonymous with this...had to read it out loud, Rick...

  2. Nothing like baring one's soul--huh?

  3. Love this too - deserving of several reads.

    My grass is green enough - wanderlust ain't my style either - your words are as lush as any grass!

    Anna :o]

  4. Many great lines in this's truths are always expensive and leave us naked in the end.....wonderful writing indeed! :-)

  5. Love, love the way you use language too many great lines to chose from!