Monday, November 5, 2012

Votes For (Un)Reason


these are the days for reason
when no reason is heard; the
time for solitude when no calm
can be found.  we are the voices
shouting when all are shouting,
when every soul hungers for
the silence of peace.  this is the
moment, and we are the seconds,
minutes, and hours of each
past and present life - our ecumenical
futures in disjointed discourse.


validation is what we seek through
every effort, each stance taken for
or against thereof; calling upon lords
and angels in the minions' tongues,
yet amazed at the disunity of
comprehension (my way is "the"way)
and so it goes:  death and destruction
propels goodness, a goddess lacking
resolve to prevail, each age golden or
the last:  the sage speaks softly - remains
hidden in meditation's forest.


I ascend a moment of sanity to question
what methods of reason protect us from us:
what is the moral mechanism preventing
our descent into anarchy, stopping all
thoughts of psychopathy, propelling us to
walk past one another without incident?
upon the platform of stasis our comforts
grant us dominion over our more evil selves.
we vote with faith that something beyond
comprehension will prevail, and we in its
benevolence, will as well.

©2012 R. Burnett Baker