Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blues For You Too

Photo ©2012 R. Burnett Baker

this poetry of blues

these blues faded into night long ago 

along your journey to the world;  these 

eyes open red singing each refrain, 

every moribund note, from horn to voice. 

"no!" Big Mama, "no!"  Billie,  "no!" Francine:

"no no no!"  there still are ears 

aching to hear Sweet Emma sing 

"I'm Alone Because I Love You.”  

Poem © 2012 R. Burnett Baker


  1. It's not over until she sings.... love blues, oh just lovely blues to soothe the passions of love! Ha! Ha! Your poem just put me on a thoughtful phase!

  2. Like Karen I really love the blues! I'm toe tappin' to Sweet Emma as I cook dinner! "I'm Alone Because I Love You" is right up there with "I'd Be Outta Jail Now if I'd Shot You When I Shoulda"! Happy weekend!