Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magpie Tales 111: Grandma Tried To Warn Me

empty nest 

never could wrap my head around 

tree hugging,  those activist glory days

so dope-fueled with ideals;  the Long-hairs

and their Chickie-LaLa's singing songs of whales,

saving snail darters,  and sleeping under the trees. 

my grandmother warned me about mite bites, 

those birdie bed bugs that parasitize man and fowl: 

"throw that damn nest away, boy, before you 

get eaten alive!" 

Poem © 2012  R. Burnett Baker 
Photo by Robert ParkeHarrison, shared by Tess Kincaid


  1. ha i like the second part much...and how your gramma's wisdom plays in the first...guess i am a bit of a tree hugger though...

  2. Grannie's got the attention! Love your take on original..

  3. That’s a very different take. I dread to think what size the bugs would be! The stuff of nightmares.

  4. my mother said the same thing to me....who always brought home something....icky to my mom
    This was delightful....

  5. Excellent words - and granny was no doubt right?

    Anna :o]

  6. Watch it! I'm one of those 60s hippie activists you write of AND I live in the tree hugging state of Oregon .... loved your Mag!

  7. We are all dope-fueled with ideals...nice.

  8. Your mother sounds like quite the character! I lost both my nanas. :(

  9. Well Nyl, mine passed in 1998 at the age of 92!