Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Never Ending Quest

search for 

self destruction 
is our religion,
our past, our 

and hope 
be damned for 
control over all 
shadings of life 
real and contrived. 

we kill to preserve 
and preserve self-destruction
through every collective
action, except love: 

even then, 
what have we 
if flames light 
night skies, 
or smoke the 
bluest of days? 

but love? 

Poem ©2012 R. Burnett Baker
Photo ©2012 R. Burnett Baker 
Photo taken by R. Baker at Lake Buchanan, Texas, October 2011. 


  1. Replies
    1. nice...i like the set up as it is true...and i would hate to think we have to destroy everything to find love...

  2. I think it's amazing how we build and destroy then rebuild and destroy. :)

    Completely off topic but your copyright notice says October 2012.. hehe

  3. Oops....Thanks, Nyl! I've corrected that. But then, how do you know that I can't travel into the future?? Yes, we are truly a neurotic and totally defective species!

  4. Well, I considered that but I assumed if you did travel to ten months from now then you'd probably have a blog post about it. Plus you seem more like someone who'd travel to the past if you had the capacity to cross the time space barrier. I could be assuming here. lolz