Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well Shut The Front Door!

(Of Sorts) 

Some of you have read a couple of my rants on Baker'sTake to know how I usually feel about celebrities and so-called entertainers.  Well, Lady Gaga has been someone I have just loved to can't stand.  I mean all the costumes and controversy and such is irritating to me.  You know, Elton was doing all that costume stuff 40 years ago.  So I've been quick to shout "copycat" about Lady Gaga. 

Well, thanks to one of our fellow bloggers and outstanding poet/writer Arian Tejano, I've had an epiphany of sorts:  On his FB page he posted a clip of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in a duet singing "The Lady Is A Tramp."  I hope he will excuse me for posting this here ( Am I a copycat??), but this performance is outstanding and uplifting.  I was blown away.  Yep, I was shouting "Well shut the front door!!"

If Lady Gaga would do a show like this instead of those, well, "songs" she has been doing I'd actually pay to see her.  Time and again!  I just love this clip, and hope you will too.  (Just pardon the advertising at the beginning of the clip.)  And Thanks,  Arian!



  1. I love. Rick! You really dont like her songs? That's interesting. Maybe it's because she's talking to a different generation of people.

    I think some songs are timeless, while others speak to a certain group. I hope I'm making sense.

    By the way, your comments Rick are always appreciated. Sometimes, I get surprised. It's like you get me... in exactly the way I wanted to be understood.

    How cool is that? =)