Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ok. Guess I'm Just In A Goofy Mood This Week.

It would be funny if it weren't so pitiful.

The Rapture, that is.  You all know the story this week.  Another nutball preacher convincing weaker minds that the end is coming.  The saddest part is that so many folks will throw away their livelihoods, possessions, and even their lives for such nonsense.  And now he's recalculated the date to be this coming October.  He and his reported $80,000.000 evangelical empire, continuing to potentially ruin perfectly good lives.

Oh dear.

Anyway, I'm going to be irreverent here and post this silliness.  Sometimes I just can't stop myself.  Guess the Reverend Camping couldn't stop himself either:  From living, that is.

Let's just pray his "followers" will stop themselves:  From dying, that is.

don't need no 

don't need no stinkin' rapture 
to make my life worth dyin'...

don't want no singin' angels 
on clouds without a-flyin'...

can't listen to the sounds 
of crazy men a-preachin',

leachin' off my pockets 
while the TV cameras roll. 

don't need no dates for endings 
while my bills still need a-payin'...

can't think about the heavens 
if my job keeps on a-stayin'...

don't have no time for packin' 
if I'm gonna be a-dyin',

flyin' in my sneakers 
while the TV cameras roll. 
pop the cork, pull the tab, 
suds are overflowin'...

feel the sun beat my face
while I get a buzz a-goin'...

I'll sip the can and drain the glass 
as Reverend counts his blessins', 

and as he does the math 
for the dates about His presence! 

Poem and text © 2011 R. Burnett Baker 
Photos borrowed from Google images and 
may be subject to copyright. 


  1. i just live my life to how it is suppose to be day by day. and trying' to be the best i can be everyday. so when not even the end of the world is to come, just me to exit, i can say i made good... this is good... i like it...

  2. Actually, Harold Camping is not a "Reverend." He never attended seminary or divinity. He was never ordained to ministry. He just started teaching, first in a church "Sunday School, and then on the radio. But he is basically self-made as a "Bible teacher" and self-deluded as an interpreter of scriptures dealing with the "end times."

    That said, wouldn't it be funny if the world actually did end on October 21? LOL

  3. According to my older son, the recently-departed wrestler Randy Savage went to Heaven,wrestled God to a draw,and stopped the Rapture from happening...

  4. Great post Rick. Perhaps Camping needs a math course... not! I can identify with your sarcasm... it makes me sick that people believe his bunk.

  5. haha...oh but did you hear he was just off by 5 months...this was the spiritual rapture, that is why you did not notice anything, the real deal is in october...hehe

  6. I wish I had a brain n thoughts like u bcuz ur story is brilliant! sometimes I am very weak to create some story or poems to match with my picture. can u do me a favor? can u make some story line or poetry for my next post? If u can, that will b awesome n I'm so happy! n plz leave ur e-mail to my blog post. :-)

  7. how many ends of the world have there been now? my own sense is that the world as we know it ends every time someone makes a decision or takes an action. the whole is changed irrevocably. steven

  8. Oh Rick..that is too funny
    made my day
    glad you're still here with the rest of us sinners
    enjoyed ! verify word!

  9. Rick, I just re-read this... happened upon it and still think "how sad"; "how gullible".