Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Early Valentine's Month Poem

Lovers of Valdaro

for the mystery
of our being we
collared the earth
as home,  a

shadowed sepulchre
of dust-cloaked 
embrace; therein

dwells the fallow
of my heart, 
hollow like thunder
in a valley, chest

upon chest 
pulsing echoes of 
time's sweet silence, 

the truce
of pain. 

Poem © 2011 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo of remains of Neolithic "lovers"  discovered near Mantova, Italy in 2007. 
Photo taken by Pasquale Sorrentino.  


  1. I'm lovin' that word "fallow" this week. Beautiful.

  2. nicely done...a bit creepy in perspective but an eternal embrace...

  3. A striking photo, and the poem expresses it well.

  4. I love how truce sounds like truth.

  5. A beautiful dark valentine. I enjoy and appreciate your style.

  6. time's sweet silence
    We'll never really know
    Sometimes looking at something like this photo stirs "the why, the when ,the where" of things...fill in the blanks
    it's rather a touching scene if you fill in the blanks just so
    Oh and thank you for your kind words on my haiku...a thousand haiku and maybe one hits it
    such is the form that thrills me
    a difficult challenge...

  7. Gosh! this is a real Saint Valentine's card to be sent in an eternal embrace beyond bones and dust

  8. I cried near the end. You know, I am sucker of poems like this whose elements of happiness do not expire. A timeless piece, Rick.

  9. I am reading this again. Rick, it seems like you're my older self *tears*