Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 38: Monuments of Coincidence

Amazing!  This past Monday I posted a photo of our family cemetery monument in Amarillo, Texas along with a short poem titled "ark".  (see my last post, Oct. 25, 2010).  And this week's Magpie prompt:  A grave stone!

As I wrote previously, my Mother and I took a trip to visit, for the first time since he passed, my Dad's grave.  It was the first time she had visited him since the funeral because the cemetery is over 600 miles away. Texas is a big place! The grave stone there, or monument, rather, is a story in and of itself that I'll post in the near future.

We had a wonderful trip that took us just over 1600 miles total.  We visited many friends we haven't seen in years and family we don't see often enough.  Tonight I'm posting my Magpie Tale, and later there will be another short poem I've written about the family monument.

Thanks to Willow for continuing to challenge our creativity, and to all those who write, and read and visit each other!  


the past and future
tallied and foretold
in stone:

chiseled monuments
abridge the fractured lives
of forgotten 

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo of Rick and Betty Baker in Llano Cemetery, Amarillo, Texas taken by Resa Baker McAlexander, October, 2010. 
Magpie Photo courtesy of Willow at Magpie Tales. 


  1. sounds like a pretty amazing trip you took...the fractured lives of forgotten history...nice.

  2. Funny the things that bring us together. That's quite a monument you're standing in front of. I suspect there's a good family story in the symbolism that's been chosen.

  3. Great take on the Mag. Love and Light, Sender

  4. I like "foretold im stone". Don't know why but love this line. I saw you standing at a funeral. Hope by now you have good memories.

  5. oh so usual
    nice photo of you and mom
    I can't wait to hear the stories behind the beautiful monument
    ..I guess I am in a big club of fellow graveyard lovers..I just love reading headstones

  6. I really like how you combined seeing old friends into your trip. It's a great reminder to honor our present relationships too.

  7. My curiosity is peaked with this amazing monument, Rick. I can't wait to hear about it's symbolism and the history it represents!

  8. It's interesting how Willow's picture prompt coincided with your recent life circumstance. It sounds like you took a nice trip with your Mom.

  9. This is wonderful post Rick...i think we were kind of on the same page with our prompt this week....i love the photo of you and your Mom.

  10. Lovely photo of you with your Mum Rick & it sounds like it was a very special trip I will imagine you will never forget.. great magpie!!

  11. I loved your story of reconnection, Rick...after the fracture

  12. Great photo of you two- and lovely story.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful trip with your mom, am assuming there is a great story of the monument and its representations for you all. Can't wait to read the next poem.