Sunday, August 29, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 29: When Home Is Just A Memory

what once was home

from a hedgerow I hesitated and gazed
at darkened windows and door shut
to what once was home;

should I knock and tell my tale of how
I lived, laughed, cried, loved, and
whispered memories within those walls,

or quietly walk the lane back to the road
letting pine needles and leaves fall softly
over the garden?

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker
Photo courtesy of Willow at Magpie Tales


  1. it is a bit tempting to go to one's previous home and see what has changed....but then what would you remember- what you saw last or saw in the past? Nice story.

  2. Hard decision. Sometimes it's best to keep treasured memories intact. Lovely, thought provoking piece, as always, Rick.

  3. nice verse...reminds me of that country song that is big right now...the house that built me....i would probably knock...nice mag!

  4. This is heartbreaking, Rick. I once visited my grandmother's old home, where new residents had moved in. That one house held so many memories and so much happiness, it was so sad to see it go. But one should not cling to the past, I suppose.

  5. Oh lordie you always take me away
    so beautiful!

  6. I love the last stanza, the poem closes really well, i think it will stay with me for a while. beautiful and emotionally haunting.

  7. Sometimes memories are best held close without a second inspection! This is a poignant piece - eloquent!

  8. WOW
    Refusing to get back home must really be a hard decision... What is hiding behind those walls?

    I wonder...

    Greatly done
    I really do love your work, Burnett!!


  9. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE this - so very poignant, and brought tears to my eyes as I recalled my own family home that had to be sold a few years ago. Your work evokes very powerful emotions and images, with beautiful sorrow interwoven throughout! Reminds me of Robert Frost's "Ghost House".

  10. I like this; there is so much to tell and so much to simply remember in the quiet of your reverie.

  11. ... by all means, knock. A lovely Magpie!