Monday, July 12, 2010

River Runs Dry

The river that flows between my ears seems to have run dry lately. So I'm taking a short respite from writing, or even thinking that I have something to write about! I'll be reading, though, and visiting other creative souls!

Hopefully my schedule will smooth out very soon and I'll be back on a steady path. Just too many distractions at present.

Cheers to everyone,

Rick Baker
July 12, 2010


  1. hope your distractions clear out soon...miss you on the magpie swing...

  2. I miss you too on magpie day
    I look forward to your beautiful poems
    Take all the time you need...glad you are well

  3. take your time, breathe, and have some summer fun!
    see you again!

  4. Thank you Goddess, Suz and Brian...I'll be back on soon.


  5. Sometimes the muse goes on vacation... at least mine checks out now and then.

  6. I'm slowly returning from a little bloggy break. Enjoy! (I almost missed Magpie, myself!)

  7. Rick, thanks for stopping by my blog. Check out the web site at

    One of the fun markets is downtown Austin at Republic Square located at 4th & Guadalupe from 9 - 1. Look for my friends at Tecolote Farms (Katy or David) or at Sunset Valley. But check out the web site it's very attractive. And you are always welcome to the 1832 Farmers Market in Bastrop on Chestnut Street west of Hwy 95.

    Hope you get your creative juices going again soon. Welcome back to Texas!

  8. hey rick, get back to writing when the writing gets back to you. i'm posting the africycle ride every two days over on my clcyling blog: i'm sorry i missed your e-mail. it arrived the day after i left!!! we whipped through rochester but stopped there for about an hour and a half at a super coffee shop. it gets a bit of a feature on the blog when the blog gets to that point of the ride. take care bud. steven p.s. we'll be back through rochester next summer so we'll tee up something a little better right!!!