Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt Week Three

Willow has provided her weekly photo prompt.  I was a bit stumped, or weighted down, if you will by this one!  So after a couple of days I wrote the following poem (almost a limerick) just for fun.  Thanks again, Willow!

the fisherman 

in a rusted toolbox lay a weight,
ringlet empty, pitted face. 

just one kilo lump I found, 
two point two it gave in pounds. 

neatly tied on nylon line
I cast it heavy just one time.

splashing loudly in the lake 
the too too heavy leaded weight 

sank more quickly than I could wish, 
broke the line 
and killed 
a fish! 

Poem © 2010 by R. Burnett Baker 
Photo courtesy of "Willow" from Magpie Tales blog. 


  1. Hysterical! Well done


  2. When I started reading your piece, I thought to myself, "Hey, this is going to be too heavy for a fishing line weight". Giggles. But I see you knew that. Delightful, Rick!

  3. PS~ I thought you might recognize this weight as Chinese. It came from Nanjing!

  4. lol. fun poem...lets hope the fish floats to the top so you can say you caught something. smiles. great magpie!

  5. Yes!
    i skipped stones across the lake and saw you there..

    well not for the dead fish... :)

  6. *chuckle* an adorable poem!

  7. Poor fishy! Poor fisherman too. A broken line and no dinner either.

  8. you are a clever man
    loved the couplets
    and the line breaks rushing us
    to a good laugh

  9. Poor fish! It looks doomed any which way it turns.

  10. Ha! Wasn't just the fish that got hit over the head with that last line!