Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer's Here? Or There?

In the Northeast summer really got started the second week of August.  And last night, temps in the 40's were ushering in the first early morning of September.  I mean, really!  Global warming is beginning to be a big disappointment for me.  Sure Texas and some of the Great Plains states have sizzled this summer, but overall the rest of the country has been relatively cool.  

I'm just not ready to wear sweaters and jackets.  And I'm hoping I don't begin to smell that metallic fragrance of sn** in the air this month.  

It's just too soon to chill!  

Rick Baker 
Rochester, NY
September 1, 2009

summer grips 

this first evening 
of September.

clear its sky
as summer grips 
a desperate 

why do we 
see ourselves 
when we 
should be 

droplets of 

Poem © 2009 by R. Burnett Baker 


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